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Sarah Terrail-Lormel, “From Neurasthenia to Morita Therapy: the development of psychiatric knowledge in modern Japan (1900s-1930s)
Aline Henninger, “From Women’s Studies to Queer Studies: bending epistemology
François Macé, “Shintō, the disenchanter

Editorial note : The current issue consists of two translated essays originally published in Cipango 22, entitled Du particulier et de l’universel: la Fabrique des savoirs dans le Japon (XIXe, XXe et XXIe siècles) [Individuality and Universality: The Construction of Knowledge in Japan (19th, 20th and 21st centuries)]. As Isabelle Konuma and Laurent Nespoulous argue in their editorial in response to Danièle Lochak’s questioning of the universality of the human and social sciences, the current issue explores the “tension between, on the one hand, the ‘universal’ construction of the sciences and, on the other, the study of how different branches of knowledge became embedded in modern and contemporary Japan”.

These texts have been supplemented with a paper by François Macé, “Shintō, the Disenchanter”, originally published in 2002 in a special issue on “Mutations de la conscience dans le Japon moderne” [Transformations of the Conscience in Modern Japan]. In it, Macé masterfully presents another aspect of the modernisation process in Japan, focusing on the evolution of Shintō during the Meiji era.