Lines of research

The IFRAE’s research are structured around three axes for the years 2019-2023:

Axe 1. Language, sources and their issues

Supervisor : Makiko Andro Ueda
Deputy supervisor : Stéphane Arguillère

Theme 1. Understanding, interpreting, translating
Theme 2. Words and concepts

Axe 2. Trajectories and genealogies of contemporary East Asia

Supervisor : Chloé Froissart
Deputy supervisor : Chloé Paberz

Theme 1. States, social forces through history
Theme 2. Circulation, governance and economic change
Theme 3. Social issues : contemporary stakes in East Asia

Axe 3. History and sociology of religions in East Asia

Supervisor : Sébastien Billioud
Deputy supervisor : Zhe Ji

Theme 1. Political appropriation of religion and religious appropriation of politics
Theme 2. Cross-national religious circulations
Theme 3. The diversity of transmission conveyors of the religious discourse