IFRAE-UOS Joint Seminar

Dates : Lundi 17 janvier 2022 – 17:30 – 21:00
Lieu : Zoom
Pour demander le lien zoom, merci d’écrire à cette adresse : ifrae@inalco.fr 

Session 1 (9:30~11:00)
Chair: Hui-Yeon Kim (Adjoint director of IFRAE)

Boram Kim (Researcher at Center for Cooperation & Co-Prosperity)
“Incongruity between family policy for increasing fertility rate and immigration policy”

Cai Chen (M.A. in Transnational Migrations, University of Lille)
“Sexuality and Mobility: the Trajectories of Gay Students from China to France and beyond”

Hélène Le Bail (CNRS, CERI-Sciences Po Paris, French Collaborative Institute on Migration)
“Aren’t Sex Workers Women? Political measures to fight against sexual and sexist violence in France and the case of Chinese migrant sex workers”

Discussant: Hyungha Lee (Prof. UOS)

Session 2 (11:10~12:40)
Chair: Minjeoung Kim (Prof. UOS)

Anaïs Cornier (PhD candidate, Inalco, IFRAE.)
“Impact of Feminist Social Movements on Sexual Violence : the case of Japan”

Hyeonah Kim (PhD candidate at University of Seoul)
“Gender Parity in Bolivia”

AYE CHAN MOE (Master student University of Seoul)
“Feminisation of poverty: ASEAN’s plans and progress”

Discussant: Jin Moon Jeong (Prof. UOS)