IFRAE-UOS Joint Seminar

Dates : Lundi 17 janvier 2022 – 17:30 – 21:00
Lieu : Zoom
Pour demander le lien zoom, merci d’écrire à cette adresse : ifrae@inalco.fr 

Session 1 (9:30~11:00)
Chair: Hui-Yeon Kim (Adjoint director of IFRAE)

Boram Kim (Researcher at Center for Cooperation & Co-Prosperity)
« Incongruity between family policy for increasing fertility rate and immigration policy »

Cai Chen (M.A. in Transnational Migrations, University of Lille)
“Sexuality and Mobility: the Trajectories of Gay Students from China to France and beyond”

Hélène Le Bail (CNRS, CERI-Sciences Po Paris, French Collaborative Institute on Migration)
« Aren’t Sex Workers Women? Political measures to fight against sexual and sexist violence in France and the case of Chinese migrant sex workers »

Discussant: Hyungha Lee (Prof. UOS)

Session 2 (11:10~12:40)
Chair: Minjeoung Kim (Prof. UOS)

Anaïs Cornier (PhD candidate, Inalco, IFRAE.)
« Impact of Feminist Social Movements on Sexual Violence : the case of Japan »

Hyeonah Kim (PhD candidate at University of Seoul)
“Gender Parity in Bolivia”

AYE CHAN MOE (Master student University of Seoul)
« Feminisation of poverty: ASEAN’s plans and progress »

Discussant: Jin Moon Jeong (Prof. UOS)