Social Credit: The Warring States of China Emerging Data

Date : Jeudi 16 novembre 2023, 18h-19h30
Lieu : Salle de Sacy, Maison de la Recherche

The talk will be introduced and discussed by Chloe Froissart, Professor of Political Science, Inalco, Researcher at IFRAE.

All interested are welcome.

China’s Social Credit System has made hundreds of headlines as Orwellian dystopia come to life. Today, even the EU and UN have proposed legislation to outlaw this system. But what does the system really look like in practice? Puzzlingly, this talk will discuss how China’s government is confused by its own system. Separating fact from fiction, it will shed a light on the messy reality behind the headlines where bureaucrats struggle to make lofty ambitions come to life and where vague targets lead to abuse.

Vincent Brussee is the author of “Social Credit” and currently a PhD Candidate in Contemporary China Studies at Leiden University (the Netherlands). Next to China’s Social Credit System, his current research focuses on the application of data science techniques for the study of PRC policy-making processes. Previously, he was an Analyst for the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS). His work has been featured in outlets like Foreign Policy, BBC World News, the MIT Technology Review, and more.