Gender-based Violence in Music Worlds : A Comparison between France and Japan

Dates : Jeudi 16 & Vendredi 17 Novembe 2023 – 9h-12h45
Lieu :
Maison de la Recherche, 2 rue de Lille, 75007 Paris et en ligne

A hybrid workshop organized by Marie Buscatto and Chiharu Chujo
With the support of Cité du genre, IFRAE, IDHE.S and IETT

This workshop aims to deepen our scientific knowledge of gender-based violence in music worlds from a comparative perspective between France and Japan. It proposes to document, through field research, gender-based violence in its diversity and continuity – from sexist jokes, insistent flirtations, comments on physical appearance to legally reprehensible sexual behaviours such as rape, harassment or sexual assault. 

Based on an intersectional perspective and with attention to the power relations specific to the studied music worlds, the workshop aims to highlight the structural nature of gendered-based violence. 

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Programme de la journée